I hardly ever post about this kind of thing. However, I really like this idea of being in contact with whatever it is that makes you want to get up in the morning. It is not a permanent happiness pill, though. It’s more about what drives and delights you.

Putting my own words into these diagrams is never as easy as I think it’s going to be; and the closer to the center I get, the more finicky and niggly I know the choices are going to get. But hey, it’s a pretty hot day and I’ve got some time…



Bermuda Shorts

Just finished my first ever Bermuda-New York team challenge! Can’t really sit comfortably, but it hurts too much to stand up right now.

It’s been going for years, thanks to an awesome group of individuals in both places, as well as (recently) people from Boston and Montreal. And I’ve more-than-halfway committed to going on the return in November. Thought that might be a good short-term goal to help me get back on court.

Coaching is one thing, but getting out there this weekend really reminded me that this is what I do best, and that I will be sad when it is really finally behind me. So until then, while I have the energy and strength, let me keep learning!  🙂